Recruitment Processes and Online Application

Desired General Features

The candidate must have received the necessary training for the position in which he will work,

Having features that can adapt to Molto Supermarket Institution-Culture and teammates in other positions,

Establishing future goals and objectives,

To have the necessary information about the position to work.

Recruitment Process

As Molto Supermarket, we believe that the human factor is the most important factor leading to success, and we aim to place the right people in the right jobs and at the right time for newly opened vacancies. We carry out our recruitment processes in a number of stages.

Our interviews are in the form of phone interviews, in-person interviews, online interviews.

The first interview is conducted by the Human Resources Unit -Human Resources Manager. Our candidate's suitability for Molto Supermarket and the position is measured. If found appropriate, he/she is invited to a second interview to meet with the relevant department manager. If our candidate's suitability for the position is approved as a result of this whole process, reference check and recruitment process is started.

All of our applicants are informed of the results via e-mail, telephone or career portals.

If it is determined that our candidate is not suitable for the position, his CV is stored in our database in case of an open position he may be suitable for in the future.

You can send us your CV by applying online to our open positions listed below.